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Choosing a Network Connection Solution in Various Conditions to Access Online Gambling Poker

Building an efficient network infrastructure is certainly a necessity so that the performance of your system becomes the most reliable in handing service access to authorized users for all existing network resources. Especially in gaming business, sophisticated Memory and VGA is a must to provide the best experience such as graphic and minimum lagging. Not just for game like Fps or MMORPG, but board game or casino game like in the trusted site now also require such requirement to play their graphic.

LAN Design

It is better to clean up and design LAN network infrastructure first as efficiently as possible before creating a network connection to Cloud WAN that connects all remote sites into your corporate network. This does not mean you do not need to create a WAN design into your network design until the entire local network location of your network is formed, but you concentrate first until you can ensure that your LAN network connection system is efficient before creating a connection to the WAN.

There will be very few activities that will be completed in this network connection and depending on how large your network design scale is. Make a network connection in a company where the office consists of a number of remote sites even up to the geography boundary, in contrast to a network connection in a local location network that connects a number of buildings in a company area or maybe just in a small office room. You must have completed your network design including computer systems that will use this network infrastructure system. This network connection work is complicated depending on how large your network is, especially if you have to design a backup in case network, a disaster occurs or anticipate problems in the network.

LAN scenario

It is assumed that you have created your network design and some of your site diagrams like the picture below, how do you make a network connection according to this site diagram?

The server room where a number of your servers are located in the HRD building. there are 80 users in this building. I say a number of servers – why aren’t all servers in one room and in the same building? This concerns the security of security best practice standards regarding placement servers (next article). There are still two more buildings that must be connected in a network connection:

  1. Mining building which is 70 meters away from the HRD building (there are also 80 users)
  2. Shop that is under a valley that is more than 300 meters from the HRD building (there are 50 users here)

Adjust to the total user

The total users in this network are 200 (80 in the HRD + 80 building in Mining + 40 in the Workshop), and do not include the need for a permanent IP address for a number of servers; printer; Wireless Access Point; switch; and even VoIP. You can use a private IP network say (254 IP addres available) for all users and devices in this network. For that you can use 4 24-port switches on the cascade in both mining buildings and HRDs with the standard 100BaseT Ethernet. While in the workshop there were quite a few switches 24 ports on the cascade. With the exception of the server room you need a Gigabit 12 port switch if all your servers are equipped with Gigabit Ethernet, for the fastest data transfer and it will be very useful if you use a single Autoloader backup device to backup all data servers; exchange and your database, which is routinely carried out at night.

Network Connection

Then how about the network connection between the HRD building and the Workshop? Because the location of this Workshop is under a valley with a distance of more than 300 meters, it is impossible for you to use a cable connection. Then you can use Wireless technology that connects two or more points of the access point via radio frequencies 2.4 GigaHz. You can get this kind of product on the Cisco Aironet sample market. You can build two simple towers to place the antenna at the top of the tower from the two access point antennas can watch each other without obstruction. This Wireless Device can transmit data up to 58 Mbps; not bad for the link between these buildings using air transmission media. Please read the next article about wireless local location network.

Now how do you connect the network connection between buildings in Mining and at HRD that is 70 meters away? This will depend on the challenges you face, if you have to conclude for a unique underground cable then use the UTP Cat 6 outdoor LAN cable which is exclusively designed for outdoor use and water resistance and gigabit support speed. However, for security arguments and maintenance facilities, enter this UTP cable with a fairly large diameter into an iron pipe or the like and if you need to make special drainage such as water drainage.

Wifi connection?

Why not just use wireless networks between these two buildings like between HRDs and workshops? Indeed, with the most practical wireless network, you don’t need to bother 2 underground cables, but you know that wireless speeds up to 450 Mbps are currently very high (802.11n standards with three spatial data streams) in theory. – You will not be able to achieve this speed), while between the two buildings you need a reliable connection with gigabit speed as a two-building backbone in redundancy (with STP enabled).

Even in the Mining office there are a number of data servers and mining software, the largest of which are data, especially geological data and must be backed up centrally in the HRD building. Not to mention the challenge of blackspot if there is a problem with your wireless, or the number of obstacles to radio frequency interference. While the use of the workshop building is a problem requiring us to use a wireless radio network because the building must go through the valley and not allow unique cables through the forest, even though it is only 300 meters away, and there is no critical system that must be given. The most reliable wireless network if both tower antennas can watch each other (LOS – line of sight). And again, the workshop only requires connections for computer clients.

Note: 5th generation wifi technology is available now with speeds of up to 1,300Mbps, 802.11ac. See Netgear R6300 Wifi 5g router.

To complete this network connection, you still need to think about network configuration and network setup for all devices in this network connection such as IP addresses to all PC clients; Permanent IP for server use; switch; printer and so on.

What’s next? What you need to consider is that documentation of all of these activities is classified as a disaster recovery plan – a backup plan – plan B from being a disaster. After the network connection problem is resolved and can be connected properly, the next step is to open Chrome and access the Online Poker site.

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