Month: November 2018

Essential Understanding Between Hackers and Crackers

in the world of network security, the two terms above are not strange and strange business. Even these two collections do not affect the network security situation a little, to the extent that some people mention them as “controllers” of cyber security. However, it turns out that not a few of us can know the meaning, characteristics, and differences of the two terms above.

Actually Hackers and Crackers are two terms that have the most different meaning. But by a lot of people, these two groups that play a very urgent role in the peace of cyberspace are not infrequently misinterpreted to the point that they are the same and harmful. If we try to examine and explore the location of the difference between Hackers and Crackers, it will be seen that they have a very opposite goal in working on the action. Therefore, so that the definition of the two terms is not gradual, let us try to understand the meaning and differences of the two terms.


Isit is sophisticated and maybe not too difficult to remember by those of us who just heard it one time. This term is actually a term in English. But compared to the Indonesian term, it turns out this term is better known by the public. In Indonesian terms, hackers are called hackers. Hackers can be interpreted as a person or group of people who are interested in understanding in depth the workings of a system, hardware, or computer network, and can experiment with it to the point that it can obtain better techniques for saving systems and networks.

In general, Hackers have the following characteristics:

  1. Nice to learn the ins and outs of computer system work techniques
  2. Prefer to practice the programming he learned, rather than merely understanding or analyzing it
  3. Want to appreciate the results of hacking other people
  4. Able to do something that should not be possible in a computer system and network
  5. Advanced in programming

Not like the assumptions of many people, true hackers who obey the code of ethics Hackers will seek as far as possible to avoid actions to harm different people for personal gain. However, it is undeniable that not a few of these computer experience who, besides adhering to the code of ethics, sometimes try to use their abilities to do things that are negative and can harm others.

Along with the rapid development of technology, being a hacker is something special and becomes the most extraordinary dream for some people with a guarantee that they will find seats in controlling the system and network security. But it turned out to be a hacker that bahwasannya is not something easy. And after all Hackers are the art of IT people.

In the absence of hackers, the world of technology will feel false by merely following the path that is already there and has been determined, there are absolutely no different constraints and colors. The virtual world will not feel so broad if I and you always feel that there will not be different people who understand what I am and you are doing in front of the monitor screen. Then how will we become hackers if we can only use and follow what is already there? “Therefore, continue to be creative, conquer your world, and find your new world out there, then you will be able to control your world. Never regret if you were never known by the world, because you are the one who should recognize your world to pursue your new world.

Yes, that’s how Hackers are. It is not easy to be a hacker, but should we write that being a hacker is difficult when we have never attempted to do so. In addition to needing sincerity to become a hacker, a true hacker must obey the rules of the game and hacker ethics.

Here are 6 hackers’ ethics written by Steven Levy in his book “Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution” and then quoted by Onno W. Purbo:

  1. Computer access – and anything that teaches you how the world works / works – must be carried out indefinitely & totally. Always specialize in field experience
  2. All information must be free, not hidden
  3. Do not trust the authorities, believe in decentralization
  4. A hacker is only judged by his hacking skills, not production criteria such as degree, age, position, or ethnicity
  5. A hacker creates art and beauty on a computer
  6. Computers can process our lives for the better

While the general reflection about the rules of the game Hackers are as follows suitable with what was written by Onno W. Purbo derived from the information Scorpio:

  1. Above all, respect information and freedom of information
  2. Notify System Administrator of any security breach / security hole we see
  3. Don’t pick up unfair profits from hacking
  4. Does not collect and distribute pirated software
  5. Do not collect the risk of ignorance – not infrequently know your own skills
  6. Always willing to openly / freely / freely announce and teach so much information and methods obtained
  7. Never hacked a system to dig for money
  8. Never give up access to someone who will hand over damage
  9. Never accidentally delete and damage files on hacked computers
  10. Respect the hacked machine, and treat it like the machine itself

Some people have grouped hackers into two groups that have different properties, the two collections are:

White Hat Hackers

This group belongs to hackers who are full of ethics and rules of playing hackers. They did not collect the benefits of their actions, and really wanted to protect the system from the holes of peace and damage caused by irresponsible people. And this is the real format of Hackers.

Black Hat Hackers

This group is no different from those who hold positions as Crackers that we will later discuss. They forget the boundaries in the Hacker code of ethics and work on technological innovations regardless of ethics that should be obeyed. Maybe they have the same ability as ethical obedient hackers, but they choose to use their ability to do things that are harmful.


The following groups created the image of Hackers to be bad. They are in no way contrary to the Black Hat Hackers that we have peeled before. It can be said that actually Black Hat Hackers are just different names from Cracker. They use their skills to gain access to computers of different people without the system being known, and then struggle to get confidential data belonging to victims. They actually even have the same skills in the field of systems and computer networks may even get more, but they cannot use it in accordance with the determined ethical values.

However, it may be said that they are very helpful and play an urgent role in the growth of information and communication technology. Without them, it’s hard to realize that this virtual world is not safe. They are also experienced in creating viruses, worms, trojans, and are good at installing backdoor. Without them, the world would not need an antivirus, and all hackers might not be too needed to analyze security. However, around there are still peace holes that Cracker can still pass, it is too difficult to eliminate them from the security system and network world.

However, the urge to do cracking is indeed too difficult to eliminate when the tranquility hole and tempting dividends are in sight, just typing in a lot of code and the benefits can be obtained. Therefore, before feeling truly convinced that it will not violate the ethics of hackers, it should never attempt to become a hacker, because the business will only bring you to cracking acts that harm others.

As advised by Onno W. Purbo that network security techniques are no different from a knife – we can use them for things that are ugly and destructive; but it can also be used for good things to the point that it is beneficial to many people. Choose something that is beneficial to the public, our name will be remembered forever, not to mention if the rizki and reward will be calculated through the good deeds you do with the knowledge we have.

Maybe if you want to be a true hacker, then start from everyday life. Have exclusive characteristics that must be possessed by Hackers, and try to realize Hacker ethics in everyday life. Because basically Hackers are people who are anti-authority, then you also have to strive to be more creative in making things that are contrary and can give up benefits, even though there are times when we need to follow what is already there.

But if you don’t feel like becoming a hacker, then you know that hackers aren’t as bad as we imagine. Learn to call those who do not obey Hacker’s ethics in working on tracing into different computer systems as Cracker (Black Hat Hackers). And it should never offend those who penetrate other people’s accounts for their own sake as Hacker (White Hat Hackers). And you should never ignore other people giving wrong understanding of the two terms that we have now understood.