Month: April 2020

Four Common Main Problems Occur In New Online Game Servers

It is starting from the server to bugs everywhere! Yes, that is if there is a new online game, after all the game hits!

Playing online games does deliver its sensations when compared with offline games, which often have an ending when the story is over. In online games, this is not the case; you can go through the game without interruption thanks to a competitive system between players that takes place in real time. But this advantage, on the one hand, is a weakness or obstacle that must be ignored by online game publishers. One of the best games is an online lottery that you can play without worrying about those weaknesses

Server; like what was discussed in the previous article how fun continues to improve the new server so that the Final Fantasy Awakening game can be played comfortably. Server problems seem to be a classic affair that is often experienced by all game publishers, not only in Indonesia but in all the world.

Here are four problems that are not uncommon for new online game servers!

4. Full server

A server certainly has a player capacity limit to a certain amount. When it is complete, the very end of the player trying to access the server will not be able to enter. Usually, all publishers have estimated the number of players who will play. But not infrequently the number of devotees soared that they had to spend and improve new servers. You need to know, improving and maintaining a server costs a lot.

3. Troubled Connection (lag)

The fewer players that are in a server, it will increase the amount of traffic both the connection and incoming connections. This massive traffic flow will be a problem if the bandwidth found on the server is not large enough. Although as a player your internet connection is qualified, you will still enjoy lag while playing, even worse until you are disconnected from the server and have to work on your login again.

2. Bugs and Cheat

Bugs and cheats become a nightmare that seems inseparable from the game. Although it is illegal and there are penalties handed over to anyone who is caught working on this, in fact, there are still a few players who continue to struggle to find loopholes in the game. Especially in the new game on the new server. Usually, not a few things can be exploited to be processed into their dividends for the players. Although repeatedly reminded to complain about a bug with the authorities, players prefer to use it.

1. Holding Maintenance

This often happens after the accumulation of the three affairs that have been spelled out above. Many publishers are sometimes not fully ready to release their games fully to the public, even though they have passed the closed beta (CBT) stage before. When things happen that are felt to disturb the comfort of all players, want the publisher not to want to do maintenance on an impromptu basis to fix it immediately as well. Unfortunately, impromptu maintenance that is too often even disrupts the players!

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