How to Speed ​​up Agen Poker Online Company’s Internet Connection with Bandwidth Management

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A fast and stable internet connection is not only needed by large scale companies. Companies with small and medium scale require fast connections so that the company’s operational activities.

But not all companies have internet providers that can support what they need. The reason is due to the wrong choice of internet provider or not the bandwidth that is used correctly. If we know, there are many ways to speed up the company’s internet connection by optimizing bandwidth management.

Let’s breakdown 3 techniques that we used to one of our customers, one of the Best Agen Poker Online in Asia. Optimizing bandwidth, speed adjustment, and filtering, you name it we’ve done it all and satisfy them with flying colors.


For bandwidth consumption, there are 3 techniques that you can do.

1. Adjust the Use of Bandwidth

To find a fast internet connection, you must arrange the bandwidth usage used by each user in your company. For example, you want the directors to see more bandwidth than ordinary staff. By managing bandwidth usage, the elements of our directors will not feel the slow connection because not a few teams use the internet

2. Prioritizing the Use of Bandwidth

In this second technique, you can set the bandwidth to the parts of the company staff, which is indeed a priority. By prioritizing bandwidth to many users or staff who are as urgent as financial staff, operational or warehouse will create an internet connection that we prioritize will not be reduced because it is used by a team outside the staff that we prioritize

3. Filtering Sites That Spend Lots of Bandwidth

It is undeniable that in each office or company we manage will certainly pursue staff who access the internet during working hours. This will often disrupt internet connections in your company. Especially if the staff access online streaming sites, like Youtube. By filtering and these sites, your internet connection will be much faster than before.

A fast & stable internet connection has been proven to make the company’s operational work more effective because it is rare for staff or directors of companies that may be accessing the internet for functional work to be disturbed by one or two users who are accessing streaming sites pronounced above.

This is important if you are one of the IT companies where you must be demanded to optimize internet bandwidth usage in your company.

We have tested the way to speed up the internet connection in our company, and we have also practiced it with our customers.

bandwidth meter

There are many Poker Online Company that has more than 100 staffs in needs of high-speed internet connection. They were very profitable and always making huge amount of transaction. We work together with them since 2016 and still keeping up the good reputation till now.

By managing bandwidth correctly & precisely, it will make activities in our company better and better controlled. In this way, any problems raised from a slow & unstable internet connection will not occur.

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