Knowing the Differences Between HTTP and HTTPS That are Carried Out and Implemented by Secured Website

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This article is specifically devoted to the questions that enter our editor, which is what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS and which sites need HTTPS? Is the online store included? to answer it I will first state a brief definition of the two protocols.


HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) is a network protocol layer of software that is used for distributed, collaborative information systems, and uses hypermedia. or simply HTTP is the basic rule or protocol that manages the communication between the client and server. client is the user who requests and receives information while the server is the one who submits the information.

HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol) is a safe conversion from HTTP, the task is exactly the same but in the exchange of https data using authentication and encrypted communication. HTTPS was developed by Netscape Communications Corp.

There are a number of major differences between HTTP and HTTPS, namely

1. How it works
A very striking difference is the method of work in data expeditions. HTTP does not surrender security in communication between client and server while HTTPS adds more security where clients and servers can communicate safely.

in securing data between client and server, the communication of data delivered will be encrypted. the encryption is in the SSL (Secure) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypted Socket Layer to the point that even if the data is stolen, the data cannot be read because it is encrypted.

2. Port used
another very basic difference is HTTP default port is 80 and HTTPS use is 443

3. Benefits of HTTPS

  • Increase site visitors’ confidence to work on transactions or business with
  • Securing transactions on the site with encryption classified as credit card data, passwords, etc.
  • Websites that use SSL / HTTPS find SEO rankings that are better than Google compared to sites that are not protected by SSL.
  • Entitled to show SSL Secured Seal on the website.
  • Increase sales or conversion rates on the site as a result of increased consumer confidence.
  • (EV SSL) Increases the prestige of our company with a green bar and company name in the browser address bar
  • (EV SSL from Symantec) gets free malware scanning and free security vulnerability services from Symantec


When witnessed from its usefulness as long as the site does not deliver urgent data that can harm you if the data is misused then you don’t need it too much. because like the description above https is a safe version of http.

then do online stores need to use https? yes !, because your client credential data is very urgent. and can be misused by irresponsible people if the data is successfully stolen. in addition you can see the benefits of https that I have explained

But in the growth of the internet at this time, you as a site owner must immediately use https. a number of large companies like apple and chrome encourage the use of https. even Google has announced that it will show insecure warnings on sites that are still using HTTP.

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